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Test the Arctic Hawk on the worst conditions and you will find it at its best.


The Arctic Hawk is a medium volume, touring kayak which recreates the legendary West Greenland kayak in today's material and technology. The West Greenland design was bred in adversity and perfected in storm and ice. The shallow V hull and hard chine lines combine to produce a superb tracking kayak that turns effortlessly when heeled.

Novice paddlers will appreciate learning in a craft which responds so well and the experienced paddler will revel in its performance.


Designed for Paddlers 5'6" - 6'

Paddler Weight 160 to 220 lbs.

Maximum Capacity 300 lbs.

18’ Long with a 22” Beam

Deck Height 11-1/2"
Aft Height 7-7/8"
Weight 44 lbs.
Cockpit Size 16" x 20" (or paddler's choice)

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