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Connect to the history of paddling, connect to the water and connect to your boat in a way you have never been able to. Padling a skin boat, a boat that moves with and responds to the water will change your paddling life forever.  

These boats are made to order based on anthropometric design and fitted exactly to the paddler.

Covered with a 12oz balystic nylon skin they are extreemly tough and resist abrasion and impact as well or better than many commercialy available boats. Because the boat can flex/respond to the water, it will maintain a longer water line in rough seas than a comperably sized composite boat helping maintain speed and directional stabillity.

All skin boats include a custom made doped canvas sea sock and traditional deck line layout. 

Take your padling experience to the next levle in a Skin covered Boat.

Skin On Frame Kayak

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