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The first in the series of Hawks, this is the kayak all the others were based upon.

The Sea Hawk, an excellent choice for the weekend warrior in all of us. Ideal for day paddles with the carrying capacity for overnight journeys.

Good initial stability with exceptional secondary stability. The slightly fish form hull with some fullness in the bow and stern provide lift in heavy seas.

Celebrating 26 years on the water, the Sea Hawk is truly a tested design.

Designed for Paddlers 5'5" - 5'10"

Paddler Weight 130 to 200 lbs.

Maximum Capacity 275 lbs.

17'4" Long with 21-3/4" Beam

Deck Height 11-1/2"
Aft Height 7-1/2"
Weight 42 lbs.
Cockpit Size 16" x 20" (or paddler's choice)

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