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The Sparrow Hawk is proportionally downsized for the smaller paddler. Less exhausted from paddling a too large kayak, paddlers can direct all their energy in forward motion maintaining a good all day cruising speed.

Whether used as a playboat for the larger paddler or properly fitted to the smaller / lighter person for a touring kayak, this kayak will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

At last, a performance boat that fits the smaller / lighter paddler.
Paddlers will be amazed at this kayaks paddling performance.

Designed for Paddlers 5'0" - 5'7"

Paddler Weight 100 to 160 lbs.

Maximum Capacity 250 lbs.

16'- 6" Long with 21-1/2" Beam

Deck Height 11"
Aft Height 7-1/4"
Weight 38 lbs.
Cockpit Size 16" x 20" (or paddler's choice)

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